Black & White Collection Art Cards For Baby

Babies are fascinated with black-and-white designs. Right from the start, these art cards begin developing a baby’s visual perception. The six adorable animals in this set include a Penguin, Orca, Lemur, Skunk, Panda and Zebra. Printed on sturdy board, these cards will stand up to baby's explorations. Each 5"x7" card is beautifully finished with matte lamination and child-friendly rounded corners.
What Do Babies See?
Wee Gallery Art Cards grow with baby first as visually appealing shapes, and later as flashcards for object name recognition.
0-3 Months
Early on, baby cannot see colour well, but black and white patterns and distinct edges will engage young eyes and help them focus.
6 - 9 Months
Edges and patterns begin to take shape as a complete image emerges — revealing an exciting new pal.
9-12 Months
Depth perception is developing and dexterity begins to improve. Good luck getting these out of baby's hands now!