Car Carrier Truck


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Looking for a toy truck that’s big enough to haul your toy cars around the playroom? The Wonder Wheels by Battat Car Carrier gets the job done! With 6 big and rugged wheels, and 2 levels, you’ll always bring your toy cars to the destination in style. And, there’s 2 small toy vehicles included for your collection.

There's space in the cabin for a small action figure, and the fully detachable, 6-wheeled trailer pivots while driving. Once your pretend delivery driver has transported the cars to their destination, The rear door drops for easy loading and unloading.

This sensory and imaginative play toy is perfect for toddlers who love to push their big toy cars and trucks around the playroom. Don't worry, the wheels are soft so they won't scratch the floors! And, there's no batteries required, just imagination! 

  • Suitable for children aged 12 months and older
  • Size: Car Carrier Truck is 34 x 20 x 17 cm and Cars are 8.8 x 5 cm