Kontu STEM Blocks - Hello Starter Kit (K10)


Kontu STEM Blocks are a modular manipulative toy that allows children across a wide range of ages and skill levels to explore STEM concepts in a playful way. 

Children just can't resist the pull of these magnetic blocks, cards, and activities. Two-sided number and activity cards start your child on the road to numeracy and math positivity. The included cards offer activities ranging from stacking and counting to counterbalance and "taking away."

These magnetic blocks provide fun and playful learning to children of many ages and - as your child grows - the blocks support them along their cognitive development. The blocks naturally lend themselves to rich conversations about parts and wholes, comparing numbers, and benchmark numbers. 

There are a range of possibilities for learning and open play:

  • Learn to recognise numbers
  • Explore magnetism
  • Learn to count
  • Build structures
  • Explore simple physics
  • Playfully explore arithmetic 

Includes: 14 magnetic wooden blocks, 18 number & shape cards, 8 activity cards, 1 card stand

Suitable for 3 years to 8 years of age.