Looky Periscope


With this cool Looky Periscope from Navir, you'll see so much more than you could before!

With its unique design (colours are selected at random) and effective dual-mirror system, this monocular Looky Periscope allows viewing around corners, above walls and in all sorts of hard to reach places.

Composed of 3 telescopic and extendable tubes making it easy to store and carry, this periscope permits observation of objects where direct viewing is impossible. This is a great toy for backyard games and has endless practical uses as well.

Kindly note that Looky Periscopes are available in a range of different colours (blue, red, yellow and black), and these colours are selected at random.

Suitable for children aged 4 years and older
Size: Extends to over 40 cm when opened and collapses to 20 cm when closed