MINI.MU Musical Glove Kit


Quick Take
The MINI.MU gets kids (6-10+ years) crafting, coding and playing their own wearable instrument, without any previous experience or knowledge.

What’s Inside
The MINI.MU is a make-it-yourself musical glove for kids. Kids will be able to control sound with the movement of their hand and even play simple tunes.

Once the first craft and code activity has been completed, the experience really begins. The MINI.MU encourages creative coding via an online app and once kids are adept at using it, they can recode the glove to control almost anything. It’s a tiny, handy computer!

YouTube tutorials and demos, coding challenges and downloadable notes are also bundled with the MINI.MU for extra fun and learning.

Suitability varies based on skills, but we suggest:

  • Ages 6 and up: With full adult-assistance for sewing and coding
  • Ages 8 and up: With some adult-assistance for sewing and coding
  • Ages 10+: Minimal adult-assistance to get started