Mountain Chalet Construction Set (175 Pieces)

Jeujura’s popular Mountain Chalet is here is a 175 piece construction set for children to create a sweet mountain chalet, straight from the pages of Heidi.

The building side of this kids construction kit is very easy. Jeujura have created very straightforward instructions with lots of picture references. Fitting the Chalet together is so simple that your child will swell with the pride creating something themselves brings.

When building is completed, your children can then play with the set. There are two people figurines, trees, pot plants, and lots of different animals to play with. The Chalet is a double-story house, with a sleeping place for animals’ downstairs and the people part of the cabin upstairs. All the rooms are easily accessed through roomy windows and doors. Children will have a blast pretending to be Peter, Heidi, and Grandfather. This really is a long lasting quality toy.
  • Suitable for children aged 5 years and older