Create Your Own Soap & Bath Bombs Science Lab Kit


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This innovative Spa Science Lab kit for kids is an ideal gift for the child that loves crafts and science. 
Mix and match colours, glitter, fragrances and more to your heart's content to create multi layered soaps, bath bombs, and scrubs.
This kit makes 8 soaps, 10 bath bombs and 2 fizzy bath salts/salt scrubs. All the ingredients meet or exceed all safety standards and are 100% safe to put in your child's bath. Includes a beautifully illustrated learning guide so that any child can follow along. 
Includes: Citric acid, baking soda, epsom salt, crystallised sea salt, liquid colourings x 4, fragrances x 2, baby oil, soap wax blocks x 8, glitter, instructions.
Tools: 3 teaspoons, 4 beakers, 10 pop sticks, pipette, 8 single-sided moulds, ball mould, wooden spa spoon, salt scrub jar, surprise charms, gift bag, and stickers

Suitable for children aged 6 years and older