Waldorf Family Teaching Clock

Children can enjoy the beautiful rainbow colours on this teaching clock as they explore the illustrations. The clock travels through a variety of activities, resonating with a child’s rhythm of the day.

It’s worth asking children why the moon might be in the centre of the clock? Of course as adults we know the 12 hour clock will travel twice around the numbers in one day: but this concept is one worth exploring with children as they learn.

The hands are aligned to point directly to the hours or minutes to help children tell one from the other. The minute and hour hand are also deliberately different colours to help differentiation.vThe numbers 1-60 help children spot that 60 minutes are in one hour – but this can also be helpful when explaining the idea of seconds.

Finally, there are a number of common phrases to tell the time around the outer edge, that children can independently use to create a time sentence when they are ready.
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and older
  • Materials: FSC sustainable garnicia plywood